Let’s review!

July 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Let’s review Marion’s Ten Commandments of Finance:

 1.)  Money doesn’t equal happiness

2.)    It’s in your hands

3.)    Don’t disrespect yourself

4.)    Don’t disrespect your family

5.)    Don’t let others disrespect you

6.)    Don’t discount emotions

7.)    Expect the unexpected

8.)  Ignore the Jones

9.)    Practice charity

10.) Let it go

 Money matters. It matters substantially and its use in your life demonstrates your character. Wrap your brain around your money. Take control without being controlling. 

 I would remind you to encourage each other and consider each other all the while minding our own freaking business and working to improve your understanding of your life and money.

 This learning about life and finances is a process. We won’t ever be entirely perfect in every area of any subject, including money.. We will always be learning, grappling, growing.  The only way that it will be better tomorrow is because of your actions today! Wrestle your money to the ground, baby! Get things under control. Learn to love a budget. Do it!


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