A Smart Girl’s Guide to Financial Bliss. 11 Tips to Help You Take Control.

July 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Taking control of your money is a significant aspect of managing your life. In some ways financial control is aspirational because we lazily dream of one day getting this pesky bit of trouble tamed. But taking control doesn’t mean that your financial worries are over.  The task and regular maintenance of your finances is just part of a balanced life. Or put another way, it means that you face the beast and become the boss. That you can do, bubbie.

Ready to be the boss of you and your money? Then let’s get started!

1.)    Love Yourself – UK web site Savvy Woman cites a study by insurer Aviva that found these cool statistics,  ‘68% of people with high esteem are good at planning their day-to-day finances. By contrast, 70% of those with poor self esteem don’t feel in control of their finances.’

 Additionally the study found that ‘62% of people with high esteem have set themselves long-term financial goals.’ Self esteem isn’t always a feeling thing. Put your needs in their proper place; that is, make them count at least as much as everyone else’s needs count, got it?



(Additional disclosure: Some of the information provided is taken from sources deemed reliable and citations can be provided upon request. WSFG is not responsible for any incorrect information that might occur> opinions expressed are those of the author and not necessarily those of WSFG.)



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