11 Tips to Help Take Control – Tip #3- Untangle those relationships

July 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

3.)    Untangle the relationships –  Money and emotions are so closely intertwined that there is a new field of study called Behavioral Finance that investigates why folks drive 20 miles out of their way to save $2.00 and the other sometimes irrational financial decisions humans make. 

 You have your own personal ‘money and emotion’ stuff,  and the people you love have their own baggage and unresolved money issues. Let them be the kooky little snowflakes they are, avert your eyes if that is the only way you can let them be free and move the heck on with your own life.  Let the adult children go without heat while they buy new gadgets, even when you want to ‘fix’ it all; let your partner work out their own quirky stuff with money so long as the bills get paid and let the buck stop here in your own heart when taking control of YOUR stuff.



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