Smart Girl’s Guide to Financial Bliss- Tip 5

August 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

5.)  Organize the paper-  Where in the world is…the important stuff? Take control of your money in part because you can find the account statements and checking account records when you need them. Toss old paper. Know the investments account numbers and where they’re held, agencies for your insurance, the types of accounts at financial institutions, etc.

 To compile all your information on one form check out my form Taking Control of Your Records available on my web site ( under the FORMS and TABLES tab, or 

Once you have the records in order you may want to let a loved one know where you have filed the papers as a back-up in case of illness or emergency. You may also use this record-keeping task as part of your family’s annual ‘what are our financial goals’ talk – which I hope you have every year- with your honey bunch.


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