Debt-Free by 30? Shut up!

November 17, 2011 § 1 Comment

Debt-Free by 30 is a book by Jason Anthony and Karl Cluck. It’s clever and written by two guys who base the book on what they learned from the personal experience of being twenty-somethings and up to their eyeballs in debt. As friends, they partnered together to get over their fear of money and lack of knowledge, what they call their “moneyphobia,” and take control of their lives.

 Though the book covers topics usually covered by financial pros, such as the first step in understanding where your money goes: track your spending, it is a far more entertaining book than most financial tomes. The first chapter, The Seven Debtly Sins, offers readers an amusing quiz that is more instruction than quiz with tongue firmly planted in cheek. The first sin, “Thou shalt not count on future earnings to pay present debt,” helps readers tackle the reality of living within your budget no matter that it may be meager.


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