Where are you – on your money path?

March 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

No amount of money can buy back your past and no amount of emotion and regret can fix anything. Here we are. What now?

Where am I? – Look around. Where are you on your money path? Do you argue about money with the person you love? Are you on track for a good future? Do you make a good living but have little to show for it? Are you generally on the path but slipping into the ditch? There is NO JUDGEMENT in evaluation. Be as factual and unemotional about this as you can be so you can get a truer sense of what’s really happening. Speak to yourself as you would to someone you LIKE.

Evaluate your past/present – In the same kind and non-judgemental way, evaluate past  and present actions that may have helped, or hindered, your progress on the good path you have mapped out. Do you spend to feel better? Do you gamble or take a lot of risks? Can you financially sustain this direction? Are you contend with your actions and feeling confident, or at least at peace, with your behavior?

 X marks the future– Like a pirate seeking the treasure, aim with purpose towards your destination! Reality may compel you to adjust what future you had previously mapped. That’s how life works, kids. The future isn’t something ANYONE knows with certainty. It is always speculation. So realistically adjust as needed.

 Do the work– Now get a move on. If you were physically walking on a path you would get blisters, need new sneakers, get tired, hungry and thirsty. Proceeding on your money path will take work, too.

 Please remember, you will make the best progress if you are kindly realistic with yourself in your evaluation and planning. But make a financial map and get to getting’, chickadee.




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