Men, Women and Investing- having the best of both worlds

September 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

We have not always been willing to acknowledge, nor have we understood, the differences between men and women.  More detailed recent studies on men, women and money have produced lovely information that has good uses for financial planning and investing. This survey, by the Bank of Montreal,  focused on men and women and who beats whom on investing returns. It turns out men and women have complimentary styles but they both perform better when they work with an advisor.


                More are enrolled in work-place savings programs

                Have greater amount in savings

                Consider their investment strategies ‘aggressive’

                Investments did less well in the recent recession

                Are ‘as stubborn about seeking financial advice as they are about asking for directions’


                Have interrupted work years

                Less sure of their financial knowledge

                In aggregate have lower savings

                Less work years usually means lower Social Security benefits

                Enjoy longer lives

Though the genders have complimentary views in investing, saving and money in general, the survey found that using an advisor melded the best traits of men and women and produced the best results for both genders. I have seen this very practically play out in my practice. An advisor can navigate between you bringing out the best vision in you both for a great plan. And she can help keep you on track as you travel on your life’s journey. (CR8502)



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