Are Your a Shopaholic?

October 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

Shopping isn’t an Olympic event nor should it be anyone’s hobby. And many people like to shop. But are you a shopaholic, or a compulsive shopper? According to some several studies cited on the web site Live Science  2-9% of the population, comprised of mostly women, are compulsive shoppers, or shopaholics.

 What’s the difference between liking to shop and being a shopaholic? Do you behave in the following fashion?

 Do you feel high while shopping, and then depressed?  Think of this as an exaggerated emotional high and low. It’s not the more normal, going downtown and lunching with friends, having fun that folks who enjoy shopping may experience. This is more intensity of the high and the low.

 Do you hide purchases and frequently lie about shopping? Do you regularly hide purchases from friends, and loved ones. Are you lying about shopping period? You can see how that behavior wouldn’t be okay, right?

Are you preoccupied with your next shopping opportunity? Are you dreaming of what to buy next, when you haven’t removed the tags, or used the items, bought from one month ago? Is your house full of unopened items, or unused clothing? Honey bunch…

Are you anxious when you don’t have an opportunity to shop? Do you feel upset, irritable , when you don’t shop?

Have you become concerned? Are you becoming worried about how you’re living? You may already recognize that this behavior isn’t cozy. And, it isn’t cozy. Let’s help.

What can you do? What actions might you be able to take to curb this behavior?

 Most people aren’t born with a natural ability to handle money. For those of us who have learned better ways, we frequently use aides, we have adopted behaviors, to help us not lose control of our money. Here are the most common ways to get spending under control.

 Cut up the credit cards – or have very few. Don’t have them with you. Either keep them in a dresser draw at home, freeze them in a container of ice, or cut them up entirely.

Use cash. Determine an allowance for monthly, weekly or daily shopping, for food, clothing or other supplies and only bring the cash allowed when shopping. With practice and determination, and maybe with a friend who will help be a shopping buddy to help you be self-controlled, you will eventually learn to stay within your budget.

 Track spending. Know where every penny of your money goes. You work hard for your money; so hard for it honey. So respect yourself and your daily effort by being watchful of those pennies and dollars.  

Consider these other ideas that, depending on what works for you, may help.

                Hold off on any big purchases. Some people have a 30-day rule. Meaning they wait a month from before they make an expensive purchase to get a grip on impulse buying.

                Do you NEED this? Or, can you live without it but you really WANT it? It’s all your money, but if you want to be in control of your life ask yourself do you really NEED to have it?

                Try saving. You may find that you really like saving! That having an emergency fund is a delightful freedom and that you prefer the peace of mind such savings bring.

Avoid the trap and stay out of the stores. Don’t use shopping as a hobby. Meet people elsewhere for the afternoon. Hike, have a picnic, do other things. And if necessary, avoid friends whose hobby is spending money.

 And never be embarrassed to talk to someone. Sometimes problems can’t be managed on our own. There is no shame is seeking HELP! Be pragmatic. Care about a great outcome more than worries about others and what they may think. As those who love you, will only be relieved that you are becoming the master of your life! Get this talked over and feel better. Get control of your life and your money.  (CR8593)



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