Who You Gonna Call? Your Favorite Expert!

December 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

It's your favorite expertWho do you call when you have a question? You call an expert. Which expert for what problem? I am asked these questions frequently as it’s so darn confusing. So, let’s chat.

 Accountant – What questions are typically the realm of an accountant? Here are a few. How much is the right amount for you to invest this year to minimize your taxes? Is it in your best interests to set up an LLC or S-corp for your business? Or, will gifting money or assets to family members be a good solution for your particular estate concerns?

These are all questions for an accountant. To get the very clearest answers and to address your particular concerns you need to speak with someone well versed in the tax code.

Attorney– What questions are the purview of an attorney? Here are a few. Should I set up a family limited partnership for the family cottage to ensure it stays in our family and to make sure all the kids get to use it? Do I need a will or a living trust for my estate situation? These and other situations, such as establishing an advanced direction or power of attorney are generally handled by an attorney.

Financial advisor– What should you expect from a financial advisor? Financial Advisors can create a detailed financial plan for you. What investments do you currently have and what’s your goal for your future? How will you maximize retirement income and when is the best time to begin taking that income? Do you want to retire early? Are you hoping to pass on property or assets to heirs? Are you wanting to reach a place of real financial freedom?

All these concerns and more such as your present and future financial goals, how to specifically achieve them based on your risk and other considerations, are part of the job of a financial advisor.

 Finally, are you enthusiastic about your professional helpers? You can be. You can know you are getting great advice and help and feel enthusiastic about referring your experts to friends and family.

 You can know that you have someone who is really looking out for you and your interests. You can have a professional who you feel blessed to have found. You can have an expert in communicates clearly and helps you achieve your goals. You CAN have all this with your professional experts. And if you don’t have that enthusiasm presently, start asking around for better advisors! (CR8730)




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