Do Good. Practise Charity.

December 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

Couple sharing foodWe have talked before that how you spend your money leaves a trial of what is most important to you in life. Do you spend your money on sports, or the grandkids? Does your money plow back into your business or to pay off debt? At this time of year, it’s easy to think of others.

Why practice charity? – Why? That’s easy. Because others are in need. Because you’ve suffered in your life and understand and feel compassion for their difficulty. Because you have money – or time, or other resources that you can share, and there are folks – who work hard, who have fallen on tough times in a difficult economy who need what you can give. In some cases folks need life’s very essentials.

How to choose – If you are considering making a charity or two-part of your regular giving there are details you will want to investigate. Such as, how much of your donation is used in administrative costs for the charity? Do they have 501©3 status so that your contribution is a benefit to you financially, should that be a motivation? Is this charity fulfilling part of your personal vision, such as caring for kids or animals? Providing shelter for families are caring for veterans?

You can also give informally. You can give wood for a wood stove to a single mom. You can give help to the elderly, such as plowing snow or shoveling the walk. You can pay for oil for a neighbor. You can donate your time to help at a local food pantry.

 How much? – How much time or money to give? My personal view is that we are on this earth to serve and not to be served, so my husband and I give generously of our time, talents and money. How many lives do you want to touch? What depth of difference do you want to make in the world? Answering those questions will help you know how much you may wish to give. Just know this: you may find giving a wonderful ‘addiction.’

I didn’t even mention what’s in it for you when you live a charitable life. Giving changes you. Giving makes your heart even bigger, like the Grinch in the cartoon. It makes you more sensitive to the needs of others. Giving makes Christmas morning more than a 5-minute event. It warms your heart forever. Kind of makes you want to give more. (CR 8732)



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