Learning with The Centsables

January 10, 2013 § Leave a comment

Teach your children wellThe Centsables (http://centsables.com/ ) is a web site and cartoon series that is licensed to banks and other financial institutions in a complete form, but available to everyone in a limited form and teaches kids ages 6-12 about money.

As a gal who loves finance I find there is not lots of great material available. But with this cartoon-based series of activities and lessons fills some of the need. Though it’s for children, you may find that it bolsters your understanding of money, too.

Let’s walk through the web site. Under the Lessons tab there are images of books that are narrated by different characters of The Centsables: The 411 on Money, How Kids Earn Money, Growing Your Money and Taking Stock of the Market. The books may have limited availability for those of us who use the site for free.

The Glossary tab provides a dictionary of financial terms and explains assets and APR, tax credits and wills and many other words including tips and welfare. Any of these words is a starting point for real discussion on society and money.

Now look under the Comics tab. Three issues are presently available and they may or may be entirely complete or available. But you could always make up any missing parts of the story.

There are also seven games available under the Play tab. The checker game you can play with another person or you can play against a villain. The game has nothing to do with money but strengthens your connection to the web site and the characters. I was losing to the villains immediately.

Under the Activities tab they have online coloring pages of The Centsables, and four word searches games involving banking terms famous Americans and currency, with available answer keys

Under the Theatre tab, the web site will direct you to the YouTube channel with 15 second PSAs and the 19 minute cartoon explaining for only a few seconds of the show the FDIC insurance that protects banks in a robbery.

This is not going to provide in-depth info for kids on money. But it compliments other activity and at least promotes discussion with a parent or teacher and kids. (CR 8789)




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