Who Loves You?

February 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

Three beautiful generations facing life with joyWho do you love, my friend? Today is Valentine’s Day and sometimes we think of this holiday and are looking to someone else to love us. I care about your heart. But I am also very concerned with finances. Here is my wish this Valentine’s Day and frankly, everyday. I want you to treat yourself with respect and make your finances a top concern.

The challenges for women:
1.) We are very cognizant of the day-to-day details of our finances and can’t always ‘get the vision’ for future planning. We scrimp and save for daily needs and fun and sometimes don’t always understand that relatively small amounts of money saved in a retirement account, for example can grow over the years with compounding interest.
2.) We tend to think of others first and give our money to the kids, both when they are little and even when those children are grown and have kids of their own. In doing so we are most definitely short-changing ourselves. But we are also sending a poor example and teaching our daughters and granddaughters some out-of-balance lessons on their own worth and future self-care.
3.) Women live longer than men but overwhelmingly save less for our retirement. Overwhelmingly.
4.) With the longer lifespan and a bigger financial need we face work challenges. In and out of the workplace for family needs and in jobs where benefits may not be available, such as retirement plans, we save much less than our male counterparts.

How can you make your future finances a priority? What steps can you take?

You have to KNOW that you are important enough to set aside funds for your own future and that you may only have yourself to provide those funds.

If it is at all possible, you’ve GOT TO save.

You’ve got to stop giving everything to the kids. Wean them from your care by helping them receive counseling by a financial expert or credit counselor on budgets and money management. And set an example of wisdom and worth to your daughters and granddaughters by making saving for yourself a priority. If THEY were giving everything away and not taking care of their futures, you wouldn’t like it at all.

If you are overwhelmed find an advisor with the ‘heart of a teacher,’ so you can grow in knowledge, develop a plan and take real control of your financial future.

A man’s not a financial plan, chickie poo. Step up and be your own hero. (CR 9014)


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