Fun! (Even on a budget)

May 30, 2013 § 1 Comment

I have control of my world

Oh, Lord, when I talk to some folks about budgets or money they act as if I am the Grinch That Stole Christmas. In their mind, I am the robber of all joy and happiness and must obviously not like children or puppies. They, very mistakenly, believe that a life of drabness, with no fun and no shopping, is my part of my financial dream.

Heck, NO! I love to shop and add to my garden and closet. But, because I like a tidy budget, I know I can have MORE if I am frugal. Frugal. The word has such a delicious ring to it! So scrumptious is a life of frugality that there is even an International Frugal Fun Day. That’s how much some of us love how much more we can enjoy if we are financially prudent.

What are the perks of being frugal and how can a body have fun with hardly any money?

No stress – Even though you may not yet live in the land of Financial Nirvana, as a person on the journey to that happy land you can count on a glorious and bright, financially-stress-free future. Because you are presently frugal, you are already living with less financial stress than others, who may still be digging themselves deeper and deeper into the crazy hole as they spend more than they make. Being financially prudent doesn’t make us better. But it already is giving us the benefit of more peace and hope. See, we are already having fun.

Free fun – Speaking of fun, it’s summer and if you look around free fun abounds! Depending on where you live, there may be movies outdoors, concerts in your town’s downtown, craft shows, you name it. So many great things to entertain you and your family that it’s almost hard to spend money. Look around, buddy. Search online, check out social media posts, web sites, posters for a weekly listing of the great free activities available in your area.

Make it social – Create the same plan for fun, free social activities as you do with the eating out and spending oodles of money nights out. Social activities involving walking, hiking, volleyball, Frisbee are free and as close as your field or neighborhood park . Your fun is only limited by your imagination. Exercise relieves stress, keeps you healthy and lets you eat more! Doing it with friends sounds like a winning plan to me.

Vacationland!- How can you forget your vacation? I live in Maine, and on our license plates it reads Vacationland. We are blessed to have within a few hours’ drive, the most beautiful natural areas in the world. From lakes and mountains, to hiking and biking trails and wildlife, oceans and forests, this beautiful state has it all. Your region may not boast as many cool things as mine, But you may be able to set a tent in your own backyard and be in a paradise. Make exploring like a tourist this summer’s best vacation ever until you have seen every region and explored the most beautiful state in America.

May the summer of 2013 be a beautiful and frugal season. (CR9267)



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