Biz Owners- Tackle Your Future!

July 9, 2013 § Leave a comment

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You are a knowledgeable business owner and an expert in your field. But what about your retirement future? We are so busy making sales and ensuring great service, managing people and staying abreast of the changing technologies that we often neglect our retirement planning. What will you tap for the income streams that all together comprise your nest egg?

Big picture– I own a business. So I understand the day-to-day intensity of being so involved with the details that it can be easy to lose the vision of the big picture. What is your goal with the business? Where are you based on your 5 year plan? How close are you to selling or are you expanding, adding workers or additional locations? And what about your personal goals? Have they gotten sidelined as you advance the business or are you staying focused?

Biz and personal – Take a step back and get more detailed in your personal and business planning. Take a day or a weekend and go away and really relax and think about the things you hope to achieve. As a small business owner I know that the Syversens and Norumbega Financial are hard to separate. But pull the two entities apart and examine where you are and where you want to be. And set up your goals and plans to achieve them.

Investment plan – Besides a savings cushion what are you investing in for your future? Work with an advisor who can guide you in finding the right investments with the amount of diversification that is right for you and your risk and goals. Consider investing in a personalized mix of stocks, bonds, and alternatives to avoid the all eggs in one basket scenario..

Taxes– Involve your tax expert in pre-tax benefits like SIMPLE IRAs for the firm or other tax-advantaged options for you as an individual. And work with advisors who keep you current on changes in regulations.

Succession– What happens with the business when you want to retire or you can’t work? Do you have a written succession plan? Do you have insurance products to fund the transition if necessary? Have you updated this information regularly? Does it need updating? Your sudden loss could rip their lives of your loved ones apart. And though in retirement you may have more time to transition, having a clear and well-considered plan is the best policy.

I know it’s hard to find time for all the planning you need to do. But it’s important that you make time to get your personal and business financial planning under control. You will be as well prepared as possible when situations arise. (CR9357)


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