Your Financial Personality

July 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

There you sit, all clever and adorable. And you think occasionally about your future retirement. Maybe you plan. Maybe you think about planning. What are other folks doing about their retirement?

Here’s a very interesting survey on what’s going on in the financial lives your neighbors.

Friends together

10%- say there is no point in saving for retirement because it’s too far away. And besides, they can’t figure out how much they will need anyway. (2/3 these folks are over 45 years old.)

9%- encounter regular financial setbacks that sabotages their savings plans.

20%- hope to retire early, though they haven’t started saving yet. Those who have started saving have less than $10,000. 40% are over age 45 or older.

21% – Many ages 35-44 have started saving and feel they are doing a good job, though only about half are confident they will be able to afford retirement.

23% – Believe that if you make provision you can have a good retirement. These folks are risk tolerant and some expect to be able to retire at 60.

17%- Have saved and continue to save. Only about half of them are confident in their abilities to do a good job with their money. They prefer simple saving to investing.

You can see that folks are all over the map on their planning and saving. Where are you? Where would you LIKE to be? Whatever is going on in your financial life please remember that it’s never too late to do something to change your future. (CR9358)


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