Financial Upheaval- Sudden Loss

September 18, 2013 § Leave a comment

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Things happen because life is full of surprises. And some of them are hard. No one can protect you from sudden loss, but here are some ideas to provide some guidance.

Gather documents– It’s so hard to even think in a time of sudden loss. But do what you can find the paper that will help. What is your budget, or statements from checking account. The insurance documents, investments, etc., the financial paper of the loved one’s life. Have a friend or relative help gather this information . Don’t worry about the mess. Don’t worry about it not including every little thing. Don’t worry about not understanding it all because that was what he managed. Just gather the paper.

Get help- Even if this were your area of expertise, during a time of turmoil you will at least find yourself at times confused and distracted. Your heart has just broken. Be kind to yourself and understand that you will get through this, that it is normal to feel this way and that you are not alone. There are financial experts who share your grief but are also distant enough to focus on YOU and your needs. Speak to a financial advisor and let her help you with this portion of your life. We can’t fix your broken heart. But we can lift this burden and help you have a plan for the future, my friend.

Extended timeline – Every decision will be managed on an extended time frame. Our first job is to support and encourage and be your financial coach through this time. Get the budget settled. Help get things squared away. All of this, at your pace. Moving things forward but at the rate that feels comfortable for you at this time.

Other people have gotten through this kind of tragic loss and you will, too. One day it will be brighter, the pain will be less piercing and you will smile and laugh. Your life of grace will be an example to others. (CR9442)


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