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December 31, 2013 § Leave a comment

In all the busyness of this time of year, there is also a recognition of the upcoming new year and it’s fresh start and rebalancing of priorities. I start thinking of changes, tweaks, that I want to make in personal and business life as the autumn approaches and try to take time between Christmas and New Year’s day to get my goals in order. But I’m, a planner, and I love a nice plan.

Let's toast

As part of your end-of-year consideration, I have gathered a few ideas that I hope will help you and I have an awesome 2014.

1.)    Common resolutions– In life, and for many folks, the most common resolutions are weight loss, to exercise more and to improve oneself, even on some lists to do some-or more-volunteering    For our money, the top resolutions are to save more, pay down debt and get a better job.

2.)    Should you bother making a resolution? – As a girl who loves a plan I happily found studies which suggest that people who MAKE resolutions are TEN TIMES more likely to succeed in achieving their goal than those who don’t bother with a resolution. As a numbers girl, I say, YEAH. An relatively minor bit of work that effects our future and hoped-for change by ten times is definitely worth the effort.

3.)    Effective strategies – There are several points to help effect this lovely change in our future. One way to make a dream a more likely reality is to write the resolution down and write down WHY you want to do this thing. Then think of ways to achieve this goal that includes some fun reward or side bonus so that you see the change as awesomeness. Speak to yourself in a positive way, phrasing it in your mind as a challenge you are up for, able to tackle, capable of winning.

The last in my list of strategies is to remove the obstacles that hinder you from keeping the goal. Anticipate the possibly several reasons that might slow you down, whatever they may be. Perhaps you beat yourself up with your words or thoughts when you don’t execute the plan perfectly. It may be the temptations that make your goal seem less desirable in a given situation.

I say that you and I need to give ourselves permission to – if at first we don’t succeed- to try, try again. Because bud, 2014 is going to be a great year! (CR9680)





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