More financial advisors (finally) want YOU!

February 12, 2015 § Leave a comment

Three beautiful generations facing life with joy

With a growing population of wealthy women financial service professionals are looking to win your wonderful selves over to using their expertise with your asset management.

Some advisors, like me, have always known your value. But others are now noticing you because of your growing wealth.

Here are the reasons advisors want you and some of the transitions that usually prompt a visit.

Wealthy – You may be a woman who is in transition. You may be a widow or divorced, or perhaps you just had a baby.  That is typically a time when getting a second opinion for your finances is wise. You may have shared in the family’s money management. But with life’s changes perhaps you are managing alone. Instead you may prefer to have a coach who can help you as you reassess your goals and make sure your financial plan is up to date. You may not have a plan at all. The busyness of life may have made the planning of finances something you meant to address but it just never got done.

Loyal – Women customers invest in stocks and relationships. To a woman a work relationship is not considered merely ‘transactional.’ Women make friends with their advisors so tend as a group to be loyal clients.

Perhaps because of this close bond women are generally wary giving their trust and are very careful in committing to a professional. They do research and have an idea of what’s important to them and their family. But once they have decided on you, they are very loyal.

Refer – And loyal women clients are eager to help their friends and relatives know about their professional. When speak to each other, as they research and consider important characteristics, they tend to refer to one another.

If you are a woman, you are just the person the financial services industry is seeking. Be on the lookout for their wooing because, to quote from a famous poster, ‘they want YOU.’  (CR10607)




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