What is important to you about money?

May 28, 2015 § Leave a comment


What is important to you about money?

I ask this question of every client so I can better understand what motivates them in their decisions. Each person’s unique concerns sets the foundation for their financial plan.

SecurityWhat’s important to you about money? Happiness or security are the most common first responses to this question. What drives you? What’s your underlying reason for working hard for your future? Understanding your primary values concerning money helps you and your advisor be on the same page in creating the best financial plan for your specific needs.

FamilyWhy is security or happiness important to you? Why are those values important? And a common answer to the query is that people want to make their families cozy and safe. They want to spent time with them, relaxed and not feeling stressed by the hectic work world. They realize that every day that goes by cannot be relived and they want to be strong, not fretful, and content and not harried, when they are with their wee ones.

Giving back – What else is important to you about money? For many, giving back is seemingly part of their DNA. They hate to see others suffer if they can do something to help. They may not be millionaires, but they feel compelled to give. These are people who want to use their resources, their money, compassionately in the community, meeting needs. These givers care about men, women and their children, down on their luck, those who are homeless or hungry, and animals who are abandoned.

Making a difference- What’s important to you about money? Often having enough money to share means being able to make a difference, to change the world even if it is on a small scale. The importance of money is not just for self, in the minds of many. Money’s import is further exemplified by making the world a better place, whether it means giving of yourself as a volunteer or with your checkbook.

Understanding what’s important to you about money is a critical element in setting up your financial map so that your money’s activities are consistent with your heart’s desires. (CR10780)





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