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A Short Summary:

In Real Deal: Making Big Changes with Small Change, author and financial advisor, Marion Syversen offers readers the holy grail to retirement as well as direction on the finer points of life like how to de-clutter the garage. With profound wit and a terrifically savvy eye for detail, Syversen shows how to take baby steps in the right direction, because saving twenty dollars a week this month will lead towards saving twenty dollars a day in no time and then-the sky is the limit. In chapters with titles like “Finance with Chocolate Sauce,” and “How We became Compulsive Fixer-uppers,” Syversen hits home to give people a kick in the pants to get their houses in order. Shipshape, color and design, inside and out, this book has a lot to offer single men and women, and couples, who do not necessarily love budgets and bottom lines, however, as they continue to become the men and women their parents aspired for them to become, Syversen helps to even the score, one goal at a time. 



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